Meet our staff


We believe that we need to nourish our bodies with “REAL FOOD”. This food is free of pesticides, antibiotics, steroids, cages & industrial feeding lots. With today’s confusing food choices, I saw a unique opportunity to bring REAL FOOD to the streets of Miami. I did this by launching “THE HEALTHNUT ON WHEELS” foodtruck. Although not formally trained as a chef, I grew up in the kitchen next to my mom and my stepfather who worked as an executive chef for over 25 years at five star resorts here in Miami. Growing up in the kitchen with my mom’s passion for cooking and my stepdad’s experience, I learned my way around the kitchen and was hooked for life. We have come full circle, as they both join me in the kitchen and are as much a part of “The Healthnut on Wheels” as I am.

We pride ourselves in offering a menu primarily based on PALEO nutrition which takes us way back. Before the advent of processed, refined and packaged foods, refined sugars, industrial seed, vegetable & corn oils. Back when the cows, lamb & bison roamed free on open pastures and grazed on grasses provided by mother nature. Back when chickens, turkeys & other fowl game roamed free, under the sunny skies and ate from the soils. This is REAL FOOD. In addition, we eliminate the use of certain foods which have been identified to cause health issues outweighing any nutritional benefits we may obtain. Some of these foods include added sugar, gluten, dairy, certain grains & wheat.

My passion is to bring this way of living back to the community, one person at a time. Again, eating healthy does not mean we need a “DIET”, we simply need to look at it as a lifestyle which starts with the right nutrition focusing on REAL FOOD. The Healthnut on Wheels has expanded to offer daily lunch & dinner meals, packaged and delivered directly to your Gym (see current delivery locations). Special arrangements can be made to deliver catered meals to your place of business. We have a responsibility to ourselves to be healthy and be the best we can be everyday. I strongly believe that proper nutrition is a principle component and foundation for a better life. This will reward us with the energy and vitality to live a healthy lifestyle. Begin your journey to a better life today.

eating healthy is not a diet… It's a way of LIFE!