The “HealthNut” from Miami FL

1. Are you completely paleo?

Yes and No. All our meals are paleo but we will offer the option to receive “healthy” starches if desired.

2. Do you deliver all week?

Our service is Monday through Friday.

3. how do i collect my meals?

You may pick up your meals daily at your box or we can deliver to your work.

4. How about if I do not go workout one day?

Even if you do not WOD you may still come by and pick up your meals. If you do not pick them up they will stay in the fridge for 24 hours, If you do not pick them up the next day they will be discarded. We can also deliver to your place of work.

5. how do i cancel?

Simply submit us an email at Cancellation submission must be provided 15 days prior to your billing cycle date.