Whether you're a soccer mom or performance athlete - your body demands real food.

"Being a competitive CrossFit athlete, I need a very structured program, from my training to my sleep to my nutrition. I was on and off a few different meal plans but never felt that sense of stability. That was until I started getting my lunch and dinners catered by the healthnut on wheels, with a clean, fresh and healthy presentation of delicious paleo meals. I've leaned out big time, but still maintained my musculature, and my performance is on point leading into the 2013 CrossFit Games Southeast Regional! "

Noah Ohlsen

I was introduced to Healthnut Program on January while in Miami for the Wodapalooza competition. At first I thought eating a Paleo plan was not for me. I thought it was going to be hard to get accustomed and I was going to have low energy levels. I could not be more wrong! Currently the Healthnut program is part of my daily life and I could not be more satisfied. The food not only taste amazing but has done incredible things to my performance levels.

Orlando Trejo

"Healthnut on Wheels' combination of protein, carbs, and fat fits perfectly with my active and healthy lifestyle. Their generous portions can be split for lunch and dinner, that has helped me drop 12 pounds. Always so fresh and great tasting. I love it"

-Jeannette Roger

When I started with "Health Nut on Wheels" two weeks ago, I weighed 177lbs. I have lost 10lbs and that's without working out. Usually after a few days into a "healthy" diet I would need some rice, bread, pasta, sweets, etc. I no longer crave in desperation for those foods. The meals are the right food selections, which nourishes my body to feel full and energetic. It has also made me more motivated to make the right food choices during the weekends or at any event. The best part is that I don't have to try and decide what to eat, they just cook and deliver. Yes, they deliver to your door and always on time. Needless to say, I would strongly recommend "Health Nut on Wheels" " to anyone who wants a healthy way of losing weight and enjoy natural wellness and health. Miguel, is professional, informative and kind. They are doing a great job when preparing every meal. Delicious!!!!! Thank you and God bless.

Aracelis Escobar

"Out of all the meal plans I have tried (and I have tried plenty), Healthnut on Wheels is the best. The food is tasteful and plentiful enough in order to have the energy for those tough workouts. This was the first company I used that did not leave me bored after the first month. The food was always there on time and Miguel is extremely responsive to your emails and requests. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the healthiest and most delicious meal plans."

Daniel Rojas

"I am so thankful for Healthnut on Wheels' food truck and delivery service. The food is amazing and very fresh. The best thing is knowing that I don't have to think of what to cook for a healthy dinner. I trust that each meal will be delicious because you can taste Miguel's passion for cooking."

Roger Family

I cannot tell you how delighted I am that my best friend introduced me to The Healthnut On Wheels!! I am usually a very snobby eater, I'll admit, but nobody is more shocked than I that I am loving this!! I am so incredibly impressed at the quality of the vegetables and the array of meats. I have been on the plan for three weeks and every meal has been deliciously prepared. Each meal is so incredibly colorful and pleasing to the eye as well. I swear that I can feel my body getting healthier with each bite. I want to add that I look forward to seeing what is being delivered every morning. After eating the entire meal which I should say that I am not a big eater, I am completely satisfied but NEVER uncomfortable. I feel lighter and more energetic and I can really tell that my body is grateful. I could easily eat like this for the rest of my life. I have never done anything this good for my body and I want to thank Miguel and his parents for making it possible.

Elizabeth Fernandez-Davilla